About Us

After years of being health enthusiasts, Nelson and Rosana dreamed of creating a wellness brand to improve people's physical health and prevent problems that come with aging and a hectic lifestyle.

Their journey began more than 20 years ago. They have always been  passionate about health and were always learning about it and applying the lessons in their own habits and daily life.

The breaking point came a few years later than that, because having healthy habits gave them a great sense of accomplishment and well-being. They discovered that their true passion was sharing with their family and friends what worked for them and what didn't, and seeing their family and friends improve their health and their appearance gave Nelson and Rosana room to dream bigger.

Nelson and Rosana were very aware of the importance of food in our overall well-being, but also they were aware that following an appropriate diet may be very difficult, and that's why their journey took them to the natural health products world.

They created, in conjunction with a recognized Canadian laboratory, the supplements they wanted for their daughters, and for themselves. A complement to their daily lives, that in a simple and convenient way would help them improve their physical health and prevent health problems.

The rest of the story is in plain sight. Green Elephant, a family owned business,  now offers products that help more and more people to live healthier lives, look and feel better.

Always based on the belief that a small change done every day can be very powerful and that living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be a daily struggle.


Green Elephant Family