Liquid Chlorophyll: What is it and how can it improve my lifestyle?

In the past weeks the hashtag #chlorophyllwater became trendy on TikTok, where its users would share their experience consuming chlorophyll diluted in water everyday, claiming this has brought benefits to them. 

But to start off...

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll, put into simpler words, is what gives plants that green colour and plays an important part in photosynthesis. According to Healthline, it contains vitamins, antioxidants and therapeutic properties that “have the potential to benefit your body.” 

You can obtain chlorophyll from plants, leafy vegetables and supplements, being the last the most effective form of absorption. However, when taken in supplement form the main source is usually alfalfa and it is not pure chlorophyll, but chlorophyllin. 

What is chlorophyllin you may ask? This component it’s derived from sodium copper salts found in chlorophyll. Chlorophyllin has similar properties as chlorophyll and has better absorption, because chlorophyll itself may not survive digestion long enough. 

Most known benefits:

Lately, liquid chlorophyll was trending on TikTok because users were claiming it has helped them to get rid of acne, detoxify your body and lose weight. However, researchers have mixed feelings whether chlorophyll has these benefits and more studies need to be made, these are the most common benefits;

  • Detoxify your body
  • Supports gut health
  • Internal deodorizer
  • Energy booster

What are the risks?

According to Healthline, natural chlorophyll or chlorophyllin aren’t known to be toxic, but there are possible side effects. 

  • Digestive problems
  • Diarrhea 
  • Green, yellow or black stool
  • itching/burning when applied topically

There are studies on the effects on pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Ideal Dosage:

It is recommended to take 1 to 2 tbsp. a day. If you are new to taking chlorophyll, start off with 1 tbsp. per day. 

Remember to dilute it in a cup of water, do not consume it undiluted.


In my experience, I have been taking liquid chlorophyll for over 5 years now, I do not consume it everyday or consume it for so many consecutives weeks, I usually drink it for a couple of weeks and then stop for some weeks and begin again, or when I'm feeling some mild gut problems, and it my own experience it has helped me a lot. For example, instead of drinking any form of non-natural stomach medicine, I drink first a cup of chlorophyll with a dash of ginger, it does wonders for me and of course I will always suggest to consult you family doctor first, this is in my own case.


At the end, will chlorophyll benefit me? does it work? I'm no health practitioner to tell you if consuming chlorophyll will benefit you or not, so I suggest to consult your doctor first to see if consuming chlorophyll will not interfere with any other medications you might be taking. 


In the other hand, consuming greens it is never bad, but you have to be aware that excess are never good, so make sure you are consuming the necessary daily quantity (yes, including your daily veggie intake) first.


To conclude here I leave you a Quick recipe!

Click on the link

Chlorophyll Smoothie





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